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Phatberrys is one of the leading encryption providers. We specialize in keeping your communications secure by offering the highest grade encryption. Whether you are looking to encrypt your personal information or sensitive company data, Phatberrys can guide you in picking the right plan for your needs. Over the last four years we have had the pleasure of providing our global clients with the best customer service and reliable encryption. Our encryption packages are user friendly and cost effective.

Looking After Your Safety 24/7


EncroChat is an end-to end security solution, not just another downloadable ‘secure’ software application. Individual software applications cannot isolate themselves from other installed software applications, the operating system the device relies on, or the network they connect to.

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For secure communication you can bank on us! We utilize the latest technology with BlackBerry PGP encryption. We let you choose your secure identity and email address. Our cost effective pre-paid services are suitable for business as well as personal BlackBerry users.

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Communicate Securely

Simply create a message and leave the rest to us. Your messages are encrypted before leaving your device and stay encrypted throughout it’s entire transmission. Messages can only be received and encrypted by the intended recipient.

No Back Doors

Our reputation is the most trusted global communication service and is backed by our 5 yearlong history. We have no information stored anywhere and cannot access any communications.

What You Create Belongs To You

No information regarding your communications and identity are stored anywhere on our network. The information you communicate can only be found on your device and the device you communicate with.

Not Influenced Or Affiliated

Rest assured that we are not influenced or affiliated with any third party or government organization. Phatberrys is a completely private organization and our mission is to provide privacy to people who demand it.


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