Government Agencies

Are monitoring and recording EVERYTHING

Big Brother

is watching and recording YOU


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Government agencies..
all our data

Phatberry’s has complied some information that you should take some time to read . Government agencies have been monitoring all our data for many years and the war on data is just getting started by them this is just the beginning. everyone has the write to Privacy nothing warrants such unauthorized activities by governments in any place on earth monitoring people like a big pond of fish is wrong and unjust many governments have got so much of your data that they are building huge facilities just to store it these are scary times we face from hackers to governments everybody is Watching.


You are being monitored in real time on a daily basis without a warrant...

If you don't think that your government agencies are monitoring ever phone call every facebook msg every time you do just about anything you are being monitored in real time on a daily basis without a warrant or any justice these massive amounts of data help track the movement and accountability of any person on earth with cause.

Have you ever wondered why everthing is linked?

Have you ever thought why is everything linked these are are a few reasons why your bank is linked to your billing system thats linked to your dentle, health,car,just about everything from your daily life is connected to that bank card so if anyone's looking into you they could look into your bank movements and build a daily profile of your life you think that's bad? Have you ever thought how much data your mobile phone providers your mobile phone holds your most valuable data from your banking codes to your family photos haveing a unsecured or unencrypted phone is like waiting to be robbed and leaveing your front door your open always use encryption to save you from cyber attacks and government agencies you have the write to Privacy just like the governments across the globe.