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Our Approach

Our philosophy is simple everyone has the right to privacy, not just government organizations but corporation's and everyday citizens No One Shall Be Subjected To Arbitrary Interference With His Privacy, Family, Home, ... Everyone Has The Right To The Protection of Encryption and at Phatberrys that's what we do talk to one of our Security Consultants today Stay Encrypted

Can you afford to not protect your most valuable assets?
Recent reports into cyber theft indicate that up to 78% of all organizations have experienced data breaches in the past 2 years,
all your business and personal information is up for grabs
78% of business' that experience breaches in security become bankrupt within 24 Months

BlackBerry PGP Encryption

Our Story

Phatberrys encryption provides internationally renowned security experts in their field of strategic data mobility & security consulting delivering to your core business's needs and personal if you have an old system that needs migrating over to something new contact us today we have a wide range of Encrypted solutions available for all your needs.

convert (information or data) into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access.
"all calls will be digitally encrypted to make eavesdropping out of reach even from supercomputers"

We have an easy and smooth platform available for corporate and mobile data management. Our handsets are easy to use, cost effective and best of all will keep all your company data secure even from such government organizations as the NSA. We rely on Military Grade encryption platform to send all your company documents, pictures, videos through a protected network. Phatberry’s will look after your corporate needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Protect your Corporation
Scandals are too often all over the media from company data leakage to sporting stars and
celebrities. What if we had a solution for your company or organization? At Phatberry’s we can build your corporate phones for your company's use with dual work spaces so your company can focus on what matters and not have to worry about corporate sensitive material ending up in hands you don’t want to have access to it.

Encryption is a Must 
The standard mobile phone we generally use is frankly an extremely insecure technique of transmitting information. Wireless communication from a mobile device, like Android, is much more vulnerable without extra layers of security for every possible action. Messages, calls and even text messages can be easily intercepted as they are not encrypted automatically before they are transmitted.

They are transmitted as readable text, or clear audio and any third party government, hacker, anyone- can go through your mail, text, or even phone calls videos documents which can be and are often intercepted, even worse without the knowledge of both the recipient and sender. File attachments like photos are also transmitted unencrypted when sent from any mobile device without the layers of security we can provide your Corporation with our unhackable devices that have been proven and tested.
Secure calling & Secure text messaging
We Have many Solutions for Encrypted calling and txt As with secure calls, Enterprise text messages can only be decrypted inside the participating devices this is the same as PGP Encrypted Blackberrys CONTACT US TODAY

Our Infrastructure - (BES 12 )
My BlackBerry® devices are all connected to dedicated BES servers. This implies that the protocols set on the BlackBerry® devices are designed for full protection. It is by no means possible to intercept or decrypt any data coming from our handsets Proven and Trusted

BlackBerry PGP Encryption

You need a safe & easy to use, secure device with the ultimate in security features. You do not want to jeopardize your or your Corporation's security and risk the damage that can be caused from data leaks just look at any news channel

Android PGP Encryption

Android Encryption Platforms available do not sacrifice your anonymity and security. We can help your business stay encrypted Contact Us Today

Support and Services

Do you need: Remote Installation? BES Technical Support? BES & Encryption Solutions, Network Guidance, Security Consulting, Contact Us Today.

For organizations that have pre-existing data security solutions that need to be replaced with new generation software, we manage upgrades, reconfigurations, and swap-out migrations.