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How does PGP work?

PGP is a tried and tested encryption technique which is proven to be secured. It permits users to employ a better encryption standard on BlackBerry email accounts. We use the standard PGP platform encryption RSA 4096 bits partnered with AES 256. In PGP encryption, a public key is used for asymmetric cryptography. Two keys are used for this kind of encrypted information, one to encipher information, and the other to decipher it. The public key, unlike the secret key, is exchanged between the sender and the recipient. The RSA algorithm performs these functions.

Is communicating with our BlackBerry PGP License safe?

License use PGP – a proven and secure encryption standed that allows our encrypted Blackberrys phones to communicate anonymously in their hands. It is a very user-friendly cost effective system, and you can communicate with all other PGP BlackBerry companies that have an open server. The standard encryption we use on our PGP platform is RSA 4096 bits with AES 256.

The new handsets coming out from blackberry are absolutely 100 percent full proof then when we put them under our BES 12.5 with our encryption protocols used to protect your phones data it becomes impossible intercept or abstracts any device information we can offed multiple solutions from BlackBerry PGP to Secure calling txting and documents we can take care of your Corporation.

It is well said that information is power! This simply means that your corporate information in the wrong hands is power over your organization data breaches are all to often part of daily life at phatberrys we have multiple solutions for different bussiness needs we have BlackBerry PGP devices also have a wide range of encrypted Solutions for Samsung Knox. While you can never get 100% guarantee on the security of any technology, there are a few exceptions such as our highly regarded Blackberry pgp delivering that elusive 100% we are all looking for. BlackBerry PGP is proven and trusted plat

While there is no shortage of PGP solutions in the market, there is a significant difference in the levels of security offered by the various vendors offering these products. There are pgp services that high school students brag about getting through while there are others are simply inpenatrabel. Some vendors are also not conversant with the technical aspects of the products and are merely resellers for other providers who will be of no use in providing support or quality technological information were its needed. This can pose a serious challenge which could come at significant costs to your business where communication is delayed or not delivered at all with our blackberry pgp system we have 100 percent uptime we have never had any issues over the past seven years you can reach out to one of our highly trained staff 24-Hour a day 365 days a year thats a big difference with phatberrys to other providers.

As much as your business needs encrypted Blackberry services, it also needs the technical support that will ensure the service does not become a hindrance to your communication. You also need to source your Blackberry pgp from a supplier who has the flexibility to accommodate the unique requirements and circumstances of your business. This means offering flexible plans and packages that work for different sized organizations in different sectors. Phatberry’s has multiple encrypted solutions for personal or corporate needs just contact one of our sales staff today.


There is a thin line between personal and private communication

Though the Blackberry PGP service is essentially for corporate & Personal communications, there is a thin line between personal and private communication. Our personal and professional lives intersect at many points, and you could easily and unwittingly share some critical official information in your personal communication. For this reason, it is best to secure all information using a reliable encrypted Blackberry service that is practical for corporate and personal use.

The ultimate Blackberry PGP service may sound like a sales drive, but it is actually a statement of the proven performance we have delivered to thousands of businesses and individuals who are enjoying great peace of mind knowing that their communication is secure and the power that information has become rests squarely in their hands or pockets.

Blackberry PGP 6 months & World Wide Sim
Encrypted Blackberry
Military-Grade Encrypted Blackberrys

  • 256 AES Encryption

  • 6 Months Subscription

  • International Sim Card

  • Secure & Anonymous

  • 24/7 Remote Wipe

  • All devices come with camera, speaker, and GPS system disabled By IT Policy

  • we only use servers in country's with no UK or EU or US jurisdiction

  • 24/7 Support


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