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Phatberry's: Leaders in Mobile device security solutions & security consulting experts in this field.

Phatberry’s has been around for seven years+. Phatberry’s is a Sydney based company, originally a reseller for a Canadian company. Phatberry's specialize in encrypted solutions that solve business problems. Later the company expanded and branched out to be independent of its Canadian counter parts. Phatberry’s provides a number of services such as; Mobile data management to BES Installation to security consulting. Our services include BlackBerry PGP, Samsung Knox encrypted solutions, Secu Smart for enterprise and BES Sim Cards & data transition from a old system to something more modern.

Phatberry’s encrypted phones is used for both personal and professional uses, in this day and age we live in when data theft is becoming normal every day obstacle. Privacy in our lives is an essential tool so protect your data stay encrypted. Phatberry’s Blackberry is the top of the line when it comes to privacy, making sure that we provide elite privacy to our clients. PGP is a proven encryption technique Phatberrys has complied with all Australian standards and there is know fear of your service being shut down overnight. Phatberrys has been operating for over seven years with not one single breach in data.

Advantageous of having a Phatberrys enterprise phone for security are endless when it comes to your privacy.

The Blackberry PGP services we offer are based on end to end encryption which simply means that any data sent to you will not be deciphered even if intercepted. The system is designed to withstand hardware, software and direct human interference that are intended to intercept the mobile communication in your company. There are no back doors into the system, and there is complete anonymity of users. Each device is also locked and fully protected to secure the identity and communication of the user. We can offer a wide range of blackberry pgp solutions from the old BES 5 os7 devices to the new OS10 blackberry devices.

Phatberry’s has been in the security and mobile device management for the past seven years. We take pride in our blackberry security solutions and also our samsung knox encrypted solutions we have dun many years of research on both platforms and encryption standards that we use on a daily basis. we have tested these products in the field and we have had not one single breach in data ever on our watch we take your security very seriously.

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